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Looking back on Golden on hill out ( on second climb)

Deep gorge on rise out of Golden

Mountain goat going up the side of the cliff

RM A/C ( Rocky Mountain air conditioning

New highway and Bridge structure

Field toilet

Entering Yoho National Park

Another mountain view - can not get enough!!!

Natural Bridge Sign & Bob

Natural Bridge - rock and erosion

Emerald Lake - the 10 dollar bill version (without resort)

Emerald Lake

Field - flat valley -base to Kicking Horse Pass

Avalanche Bridge over railway just east of Trail

Takkukkaw Falls ( pic by others)



AVERAGE SPEED 18.7 km/hr


Day started cloudy , but soon turned to another hot sunny day - a little cooler with a high of about 28 deg.

Day was relatively short distance to allow for side trips and also the long climbs coming out of Golden and the Columbia Valley and starting the climb towards Kicking Horse Pass ( tomorrow).

About half way up the steep hill out of Golden, by rear derailer, fell apart and was spread in many pieces about the road. Luckily it did not damage the wheel , and I was able to coast back down the hill most of the way into town, where we arrived back about 8am. Sat at a coffee shop for an unprogrammed morning tea. Jim went back with me to help ensure that I would be ok. - Thanks Jim! As he said later that is what Tour du Canada is all about !! We were at the entrance of the bike store when the owner arrived at 850. A new derailer was not a problem - however the mount on the bike was customized for the bike. The owner was extremely helpful and spent the next 1 ½ hours contacting the bike manufacturer in Montreal for the closest dealer that would have the part - they could ship one within 2 days!

Eventually we found a compatible mount at another bike store in Golden , the derailer was attached & we were back on the road by 1030 - only 3 hours lost. Todd at the Selkirk Bike store was amazing - he was a former mountain bike racer and now ran the Selkirk Sport Store in Golden - he made his day that he could provide fast service and get a bike back on the road... You cannot beat the hospitality in the small towns of Canada!!!

So back up the steep hill - beautiful view of Golden , the valley & the mountains

Saw mountian goats going straight up cliff


The area east of Golden has been traditionally know as a dangerous and difficult area to navigate - steep hills , narrrow roads, deep gorges

lots of Rocky Mountian Air Conditioning (RM A/C) here also

For about 10 kms east of Golden there was heavy construction , building a new road that will literally go over the mountains -

This bridge support stands more than 200 feet. A massive project ( well over $ 50M) . With the relatively short period of darkness each day the road construction sites are lighted and work carries on 24/7. Their field toilets came in handy

. It is amazing the amount of pieces of vehicle parts on the side of the road: bolts from 2 cms to 15 cms, washers, nuts, rubber parts, springs, etc. - it's enough to make you a little apprehensive about the condition of vehicles on the road.

We soon enter our first National. Park - Yoho National Park ( a Cree expression meaning for awe & wonder) . Spectacular mountain scenery. We take a side trip to Emerald Lake - amazing "emerald" colour - the pictures don't really reflect the true colour - one just has to go there and experience for themselves. The emerald colour is caused by the reflection of the sun/light on the millions particles of crushed stone that are washed down form the mountains and are suspended in the water. This picture was on the 1954 Canadian 10$ bill.

English Mike says that "all we see is mountains & pine trees, and what is amazing is that there are an unlimited number of combinations that are unique and fascinating to look at".

One of the highlights of the short day was the side trip to Takakkaw Falls ( Takakkaw means magnificent in Cree) which is located about 13km beyond the campsite just past Field. These falls are the longest cascade in Canada -water comes straight off the glacier in a granite chute. Unfortunately because of the 3 hour bike repair exercise in the morning we don't make this side trip. I must get some photos from those who made the trip- There is an amazing switch an the way up that larger vehicles must do a back up & forward manoeuvre to make the turns.

Stu is still very sore in the hamstrings & did not ride today.

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