Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Spot the platypus?

Underneath a turtle

On top of a turtle

What a star!

In a flap, spot the penguin in the naughty corner.

Seahorse (have to get a horse in somewhere)


Helloooo I'm a shark (quote from Finding Nemo)

Dory - Nemo's friend

Giant wrasse

Darling Harbour

We caught the overnight bus from Byron to Sydney, even though we had vowed never to let ourselves do it again, but it's a good but not pleasant way of travelling for 11 hours. We checked into our hostel - Boomerang Backpackers that was just on the edge of the Red Light District of Kings Cross. We headed to China Town for our dinner and found a bargain in the mall; all the Chinese eat there so it's at half the price of the restaurants one the street above. Strange there are no dogs or cats in the streets of Sydney though - one dish costs £3. Off to the Rocks after that on the western side of Sydney Cove. It was where the first European settlement was and was renowned for being a squalid, raucous place full of our convicts that the English didn't want, so sent to the other side of the world. Later it became an area for maritime commerce before the bubonic plague hit and cleared the area, after which the Harbour Bridge was built. It has now been sanitised and redeveloped and the colonial buildings are now public houses. We frequented these pubs and paid over the odds for a beer so didn't topple over that night but we did see a lady of the night across the road from our hostel.

The next day we went to Sydney Aquarium in search of Nemo - Helen was fascinated by the playtpus -she can't decide whether she prefers turtles or platypus now - its a tough decision! (These are the kind of decisions you have to make when you don't have a job) There were also sharks and giant manta rays in a walk through tank and seals in another. Found Nemo and all his friends just after the little cute penguins.

Had a stroll along Darling Harbour that evening - saw fireworks going off at the other end of the city and later found out it was to mark the final or their pop idol - yes they get crap on TV over here as well.

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