Chica's Gap Year Part II 2005/06 travel blog

Victoria Falls

Vic Falls

Me, Rino and Morgen on a sunset cruise

Sunset over the Zambezi

Row and Bonnie

On the way to Vic Falls we passed through the Zambian capital, Lusaka. Not much to say about it really, very cosmopolitan and lots of jacaranda trees in flower (pretty purple flowers).

The Falls. Took a helicopter fligt over which was pretty impressive even though the Zambezi was not in full flood! I was talked into doing a white water rafting trip. My own fault really, the other crew members were a laugh, 6 middle aged Americans me and a young Swiss girl. Our guide did some pre-journey training and put us through our paces, trouble was we didn't have an awful lot of confidence when we saw the rapids and for some reason decided to not to follow the instructions of our guide. Every time he yelled forward, the 2 blokes in the front would paddle for a few strokes then take a rest whilst the rest of us carried on paddling. This let us down on the third rapid. I took one look at it and panicked. Our guide was yelling forward, I decided to get down in the boat and hang on, the ladies behind and in front copied me, the 2 in the front were chatting and the next thing we know we're all out of the boat and in the Mighty Zambezi... I managed to get trapped under the upturned sides of the boat but found the outside edge and fresh air, I thought my number was up. Our guide somehow stayed in the boat and got us all back on board, he said that we had been hit by a freak wave that had caught the underside of the boat as we approached the rapid and flipped us over. We all felt a bit better knowing that there was nothing we could have done. Not that we learned to listen to the guide, 2 rapids later and he's asking why some people have got down in the boat, all we heard was "down" so that's what we did.... the boat spilled 3 of us, again I was on the unlucky team. This time not pleasant, it was like being in a washing machine, I had to get into a ball underwater to stop the from keeping me under, not easy when you don't have time for a big gasp of air and you've no idea which way is the top. It seemed like ages, but probably no longer than 5-8 seconds under water before I got spewed out at the side of the river and rescued by one of the safety canoeists. Apparently my eyes were the size of dinner plates and could be seem from some distance..

After all that excitement (?) I thought I'd quit the rafting at lunchtime, I didn't want to push my luck.

Had a leisurely sunset (booze for some) cruise on the Zambezi....our driver, Rino (Chelski supporter) and guide, Morgen joined us not for the free beer but to carry off those who would over do it.... Bonnie got called on to down a drink after she broke a glass..... let's just say she was excellent value, I hadn't laughed so much in ages!!

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