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I was home all day, until it was time to go out and meet Luna and Nick for dinner. Not sure what the weather was today, but it was cold. According to my phone it was 16c, but it felt even colder.

My day was spent getting work up to date on the computer, and uploading photos etc., and when that was all done, I did some more to my cross stitch.

Luna's plan was to go to the Lamb Leg BBQ place, but she changed her mind. It is too cold to be outdoors, and she instead chose to meet at the Westerner Bull Bar.

I had made a crochet rug for her baby son, and have been waiting to get in touch with her, but here in China, if they live according to tradition, they do not go out, or receive visitors for one month after the birth of a baby.

Luna is a local girl, and her parents come from Luoding, Nick is Iranian and has been here for some years now. Lovely couple, I just seemed to connect with them the first time I met them. They have a daughter Roxy who is just over 3 years old, and a baby son who is one month and one week. They are both finding it much more trying, having that second baby. Roxy is demanding attention, and backsliding, back to less mature behaviour!! Quite normal, but frustrating for them none the less.

Also at the dinner were Nick's mother, from Tehran, Luna's mother, and Luna's cousin and her husband. I felt sorry for Nick's Mum, because she only speaks very limited English, and of course not Chinese. I have been invited to stay with her though, if I ever go to Iran. I did tell Nick that perhaps now would not be the best time, for the sake of security, and he agreed with me.

I did get some interesting insights from Nick about religion in Iran. He told me that Iranians are not Islamic, and that Islam only came with an Egyptian invasion about a thousand years ago. Most Iranians might pay lip service to the Islamic faith, but do not really believe. It is just more prudent to give that impression. Nick said that traditionally the Iranians are Zoroastrians, and they have a very simple and basic belief in how to live your life. Basically just good living, honesty, and truth. Sounds good to me.

I was home by just after 8, and as it is so cold that was a good thing.

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