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Leaving Santiago on a brand new highway

Seems only a few drivers are aware its open

Can't help but wonder how the locals feel about this multi million...

Rolling Hills

Farmers fields

Chugging along

We all know what this is!


forested hills

rocky outcroppings

Pinch me, really Portugal!

mountains growing in the background

downhill through a tunnel




Approaching Pueblo de Sanabria

Puebla de Sanabria

Screech we can't drive any further

A short walk up hill and we found the fortress./castle

From the ramparts

Clock Tower

Fortress on left


View along walls

Wine at lunch


Looking back at town

Fields and fields

Crossing a huge rio




of wheat. some harvested

Home for the night

Our pitch

There is our abandoned RV

Monday, August 31st.

We left Santiago with sprinkles in the air.

I met "Sophie" "Richard's" replacement and I think she will do a fine job. However she did take us out of town through some narrow side streets that had us second guessing her but voila before too long we were on the highway.

Before long we were driving though farmers fields growing cattle corn and what looked like almost dead sunflowers.

As we drove along I couldn't help but wonder how the people who lived in these little villages in what seemed like shacks, felt about this multi-million Euro highway.

It was a fairly long drive on the highway around Ourense.

The landscape kept changing as we headed south to Portugal. We passed through many large sections of forests. They were all different heights due to reforesting we think

It took us awhile to figure out that the wide swaths of empty land were in fact timber roads.

Before too long we were crossing a high plateau of grazing land but no cattle or sheep in sight.

At Verin we came to a sharp turn in the highway toward the east and found ourselves just north of Portugal. Never in my dreams.........I have said a lot of that in the last several months

In the horizon rolling hills were appearing with larger mountains behind.

Everywhere we have travelled we have found that they would rather go through then around the mountains. I have to put the camera down now as I have to verify Sophia's directions to get into town.

Oops, Bill refuses to go any farther! One never knows what the next corner might bring. I help in back up down hill and around a corner and we decide to just park it on the street there and walk up.

What luck, the entrance to the fortress was right there on the top of this little rise!

The women wasn't going to let us enter as they were closing in 30 minutes. We assured her it wouldn't take us that long to walk through the fortress/castle. As it happened the interior was remodeled with platforms between levels and easy stairs to navigate. Inside it was mostly a museum with descriptions in Spanish but we enjoyed just wandering through out the rooms and enjoying the views from the turrets and ramparts.

The streets in this village were narrow and short but filled with charming houses.

Lunch was enjoyed on top of a wide rampart under an awning with an impressive view of the town below and the castle walls.

No problem finding the vehicle and Bill took some pictures of the cemetery beside us.

They are unique

Once we left the town we were again driving through a high plateau where farmers were growing fields and fields of wheat and cattle corn. With the mountains etching the horizon we thought many times we could have been driving through Alberta. Wide open spaces everywhere we turned.

"Sophia" led us through the city of Salamanca right to our campground.

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