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Dick got my bike off the rack so I would have the choice to ride or walk in the morning. This park has a lot of uphill and I'm convinced only half as much downhill. When my ride was completed , same route I walked yesterday, my knees were noodles and was panting like an over heated dog. I have asked Santa for a bike motor.

We toured the rest of Desert Hot Springs did not find a car wash but did find Tuesday night BINGO at the Elk lodge. Tomorrow I am going to Joann's. It's in Rancho Mirage just down 10 from us. I will pack a lunch and water just in case I miss the place and end up roaming the desert.

As we travel I am in charge of finding what local station has Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. The network, time, and which comes first varies from place to place. He will say "your missing wheel" and wouldn't it be grand if I was?

The Christmas cards are complete. I have glued, sequined, buttoned and bowed them into bright, gaudy collages where more is more. It's like a little Mardi Gras Christmas in your life.

It may have been mentioned in the past but I am going to bring it up again. My daughter likes homemade ornaments and not just any ornaments but ones like I made over 30 years ago when she was a child. In a Florida flea market I found the clothes pin ornament book I used to make some of them, copyright 1978. This year it's Raggedy Ann and Andy. The amount of time it has taken to make four clothes pin dolls I could have painted a room in her house. Guess I'm still trying to compensate for not standing in line to get that Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas when she was 6.

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