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Hanauma Bay

The shadows of the reef


Looking for sharks...

Twas a cool view

Oh god I can't bear how rubbish our camera is....

... there's just no detail on this one..!

Looks like something of yours Brooker..!

Cool little doods with red heads

The chickens keeping us entertained

We've finally decided where we want to go next on our trip!

We had the same yummy breakfast in the Thai place again today and then Skyped my sister back at the room. Now we are 11 hours behind the UK, it is slightly easier to call home as we have the morning and the evening to do so.

Someone (thanks Ian) had recommended going to Hanauma Bay a few miles up the coast for the best snorkeling in the area.

We jumped on the bus and just over half an hour later we were there. Unfortunately, we should have been on the bus for a bit more over half an hour as we got off too soon. A guy at the bus stop delighted in showing us that the bus we just got off turned off the main road and drove right down to the beach... Anyway, a bit later we where there.

The view of the bay was pretty impressive, the one thing we didn't realise though was it's a nature reserve and you have to pay on entry..... then you have to watch a video to make sure you know to snorkel and how to preserve the marine life... Steve wasn't impressed.

What the video did tell us though was that the bay was created by a huge volcanic explosion that left a crater. The cratert has been gradually worn away by the sea, leaving a horseshoe shaped bay with an amazing amount of coral.

We were finally allowed to walk down to the beach, (we decided not to pay another $1 to get the shuttle bus) and Steve hired a mask and snorkel, I had my own.

We found a plot on the grass, the beach was really quite beautiful and I couldn't wait to check out the coral.

The reef started in the shallows, so we saw some quite big and colourful fish straight away. As the water got deeper the reef got taller so you were still very close to it but there were huge dark holes where it fell away, it was quite exhilarating... bit too exhilarating for Steve and he was off back to shore.

It was a cloudy today which made it a bit difficult to see but when the sun came out the holes in the reef reflected a light blue from the sand on the bottom. It was while I was admiring this that I saw something big and realised it was a turtle! He was feeding quite happily on the coral and didn't take any notice of me at all, I must have watched him for about 5 minutes!

I swam back to tell Steve and saw another one really close to the shore, how cool!

After a bit of a sunbathe and a gloat we decided to go back in. We both made it all the way across the reef this time and saw some really beautiful fish, check out the photos......

We headed back up the slope and saw lots more turtles in the clear water from above.

We'd just missed a bus, so we sat to wait and watched a lady feeding the birds, this attracted some chickens too with their chicks.

We were staaaarving by the time we got back to Waikiki, so we just dropped off our beach gear and headed back to the Mexican we went to on the first night. I had the fish taco salad again and Steve had a big old buritto.

That knocked us out nicely after a couple of episodes of Family Guy.


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