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Finally a place to hang our hammock

Does he look happy or WHAT?

View of Jonesville harbour from Hole in the Wall

These friendly folks invited us to join them in the buffet but...

an unusually calm day


photogenic as usual

the men cannot resist these gross but free cigars at Hole in...

the boat house

Honduras, like Guatemala, celebrates almost as many holiday as there are days of the year. John and I had just signed for and picked up our replacement head gasket for our 15 hp outboard motor yesterday at Roatan Air. I asked when the next shipment would be coming in because our 2.2 hp motor is on it's way from Florida and the clerk said that they weren't sure, either that afternoon or the next day. " We won't be open tomorrow though", he said, "it's a holiday".

"Oh yeah I asked, what holiday is it?", knowing full well the answer I'd get. "I don't know", he answered in broken English, giggling with nervous tension. Everyone at the counter had a comment. John figures the beer companies sponsor holidays because the favorite holiday pastime, of course, is drinking. One local man said that Honduras has more holidays than any country he knows of, but he didn't know what the holiday was the next day either.

So I looked it up on the internet, under official Honduran holidays and it's not official at all, but an unofficial Honduran holiday, International Earth Day. Most tiendas were open but for some reason Roatan Air, or Rasta Airlines, hmmmmm is closed for earth day. Oh well, Happy Earth Day, Rasta amigos!

When I called the office on Tuesday morning I got the Santa Semana recording, the one that says that they are closed from Wed till Monday for Santa Semana. That was a week ago. I mentioned this to the clerk and he squirmed and laughed nervously again, yeah, he knew about the recording.

Oh well, Dad, don't fret. Believe it or not, so far everything we have had shipped with Air Roatan has shown up.

After picking up the gasket we walked a couple of miles into French Harbour and checked out the new Eldon's Sun Supermarket. WOW! The new building is about 3 times the size of the old and the selection is unbelievable. We wandered up and down aisles with the other curious Islanders and gringos and boaters that you find around French Harbour. We were like kids in a candy store. We found things we haven't seen in years. Tylenol, relish, Borden cheese, bakery items, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, things that you take for granted but that we can usually not get here. The cheese here is strange and goes bad fast, it's probably healthier but mmmmm this Borden cheese is good.

We bartered with taxis for the half hour ride back to Oak Ridge and ended up paying 100 lempiras or $5 for both of us. Into the dingy with the groceries and we rowed across to the boat for the last time. No more rowing for us because the Captain had the gasket into the motor lickety split and we were off for a ride.

A stop at Hole in the Wall was in order and we found all the same characters that were there last year. Our friend Larry Wood, who we got to know last year, was there, as well as a wedding party from Colorado and British Columbia who had a wedding coming up on Thursday. They offered us the buffet (lobster and roast beef) which was very generous of them but unfortunately we had just eaten.

We chatted with them over a rum punch, headed back to La Punta and parked in our boathouse. It is very cool to pull into a boat house, no more baling the dingy for us. The boat house comes with security too, because Chiquita sleeps in there at night.

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