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Today I’ve spent quite a bit of time re-installing programs, files, favorites, etc., that I had uninstalled before sending my HP notebook to Hewlett-Packard for repairs. It was easy to do from the backup but the bugaboo happened when I tried to re-install Quicken 2004.

The newer versions of Quicken won’t read old Quicken data, which is why I need it on my system. Unfortunately, when I uninstalled it, I didn’t save a backup. Aarrgghh! I went online to try to download it but it didn’t work; so I opened a chat. That agent seemed to be very dense! I had to tell him at least a half dozen times that I wanted to re-install Quicken 2004 onto my Windows 10 system. He never did give me any real help and he actually told me that that version was no longer available. I ended the chat and opened up another one. This time I got a peach. She was very helpful and even sent me a direct link to the page where I could download it. She stood by while it was downloading. It worked well. Sometimes the caller just has to keep trying!

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