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Beautiful orange flowers on the wall along the side of the college...

Beautiful orange flowers on the wall along the side of the college...

Beautiful orange flowers on the wall along the side of the college...

Beautiful orange flowers on the wall along the side of the college...

The other side of the wall - obviously gets more direct sun.

My breakfast - rolled rice noodle.

The breakfast restaurant.

Denise's breakfast - loaded with heaps of pickled hot chilli.

Now that is one really huge Ferrero Rocher!!

My cool new boots.

I reckon these will keep my feet warm in the ice and...

Off to KTV for a singalong.

Breaking up the staff meeting at opening time.

KTV screen.

KTV screen.

Denise enjoying her time.

KTV screen.

The things you find! These two fat chickens were tied with string...

Qianyu's kindy.

Qianyu's kindy.

Qianyu's kindy.

Family transport!!

Chicken wing, with stuffing. Lovely.

Odd looking, but the best piece of steak I have ever had...

Fried rice - a bit of a fishy flavour, which I did...

This was also a bit of a fishy flavour. Not my favourite.

Ioan's noodles, with a fried egg on top.

Duck, with lots of sesame seeds.

More of the same beef, but in a casserole type dish, with...

Well, this was a busy day, but a great one! And early start for me, meeting Denise near the carpark at 8.15, after she dropped Qianyu off at kindy. She took me to have breakfast, at a very nice little place. It is apparently very famous locally, for cheap breakfasts, and I paid the bill which was a whole 6rmb. Perhaps $1.20. Certainly the last of the big spenders.

I had expressed a wish that I had brought a coffee sachet with me, so Denise suggested KFC, for coffee and more breakfast, before hitting Walmart to get the shopping I could not find yesterday. They actually do a pannini and coffee for only 10rmb. Cheaper than buying a coffee on it's own!

Got everything I needed in Walmart, including some things I had not planned on. They have a 'mark down' section near the checkouts, and I found jars of Nutella for 5rmb. So of course I took two!

We loaded the shopping, and then I got Denise to go with me to the Jieway shop, where I had seen some very nice boots recently. I was not sure whether they would look stupid and I needed some re-assurance! Added to that they were not cheap, by local standards. Anyway, I tried them on, Denise approved whole-heartedly, and they were ridiculously comfortable, so I left her in the shop, while I went over to the bank to get cash. They cost a whole 298rmb, which is around $60. Lucky, lucky!!

While she was waiting for me, she had been in touch with a couple of my old colleagues, and was wanting to go to KTV, but in the end it was just her and I. Three hours of loud singing in a private room went by pretty quickly!! And that, for the hire of the room and facilities cost 35rmb!! $7.

It was a little too early to collect Qianyu from kindy yet, so I sent a message to Peter to see if he was home, and if we could bludge a coffee from him. He was, and said we were welcome. He had an Aussie friend John visiting. John has lived in China about 18 years, doing business, and currently lives in Foshan.

We left in good time to go to the kindy, and we were actually early. It had got cold and it was freezing waiting outside the gate, waiting for the man to unlock and let us in.

When we went up to Qianyu's room, Denise stayed out of sight, to see what the reaction would be. Well, I guess we were both surprised. She ran at me, for a big hug!! Poor Denise said that she felt a little jealous, because she had never had that response, but like I said, what does she really expect, she is just the plain and simple mother!!

I had had messages from Winnie during the day, inviting me to go for dinner with her and her little family, so when we left the kindy, Denise drove me to the medical college, so I could get a coat, scarf and warm shoes and socks. It had really got that cold!

Then she dropped me at the gate to Winnie's housing area. We actually got to the south gate, not the north, but I managed to find my way through, and actually found the building. The only thing I was not sure on was the building number. Was it 3-1 or 3-2? So I called Winnie, to be clear, and then got the lift to the 21st floor!!

After only a short while, we headed off in the car, to go to a restaurant that belongs to the mother of one of Winnie's students. She apparently loves cooking, and is very creative and experimental in her kitchen.

Liao is a good driver, if a little cautious. But he is not so cautious as to be unnerving. It is over 20 years since he has driven, until buying their car!! They have a new Toyota Rav 4, with all the bells and whistles, in a lovely pearl white colour.

The restaurant we went to was not very far from the train station, on the top side of the railway line. Very nice ambience, simply decorated, which is a pleasant change from some of the over extravagance we sometimes see. The food was good, except that two of the dishes Liao ordered had fish in, and very distinct fishy flavour, which was not so much to my liking.

But overall it was good. I have no idea of prices though, as the account was settled very discreetly, like usual!!

It was nice to be driven back home again. Little Iona kept wanting to know where I lived, and I had suggested that Liao could drive in to the college, drop me off, and then drive out again, but he decided not to. He is not familiar with the layout of the college, and understandably not so comfortable with his driving.

I was actually home just after 8pm, after a lovely busy happy day!!

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