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Trish & Randy Jones, Martha & Dan Boswell and Wes Spradley

Dan Boswell, Wes Spradley, Glenda Alexander and Trish & Randy Jones

Tonight my church’s community group met early so we could have dinner together. Dan and Martha Boswell hosted it and supplied the spaghetti and meatballs, as well as coffee and key lime pie for dessert. Randy and Trish brought a garden salad and I brought French bread. Everything was so good, my taste buds are still dancing.

This is the last week that the Boswells will be living in this house which they leased while their own house was being refurbished to repair damage done by a major flood several months ago. This is the second time that their house has sustained major damage in a two-year period. The leased house is at a higher elevation and is on the edge of a golf course. It is completely furnished, so all they had to bring was their clothes and personal care items.

They had been enjoying spectacular sunsets from their patio. They don’t have such a good view from their own house; too many trees obscure the sky. I took my camera, anticipating some special photo ops. Heavy clouds were still scudding across the sky but there was a break in the clouds for a few minutes. The sunset colors were gorgeous so I took what I could get while the break lasted!

The wind blew hard all day today, with some gusts as high as 45 miles per hour. I noticed some broken limbs, overturned flower pots and such in Pecan Grove but there wasn’t any real damage. This is the first “normal” wintry weather we’ve had this winter so I guess we can’t complain.

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