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Home :)

(From Sal)

Here are a few overall stats for our trip -

Distance travelled: 28,500 km

States and capitals visited: all 8!

Total nights away: 180

Nights in Old Bess: 156

Nights at family's: 21

Nights in holiday house:3

Nights in motels: 0

Highest price paid for Petrol: $2.27/litre at Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Hottest place: 39* at de Grey River, Western Australia

Coldest place: -.4* Uluru, Northern Territory

Windiest spot: Kalbarri, Western Australia (but there was a lot of competition!)

The kids have offered a few comments for this last journal entry:

from Will - "The trip was a great family activity. It has also been fun meeting new friends and learning new things about Australia! I'm looking forward to school because my best friends are there:) I liked Uluru it was HUGE!!!!!!! We met friends there and had a BBQ one night. We saw them again in Melbourne."

From Pip - I feel sad that a lot of people will miss out on seeing what we saw. My favourite place was Uluru. When we got there it was better than we thought. We made friends with Larissa and Patrick. I missed my friends a lot! I also missed Daphne (the dog) and I never thought I would say this but I missed learning at school!!!!!!!! It was nice to get home to all our resources. We missed the internet so much we've used it up already! It's so good to be home! I LOVE SCHOOL!

From Alice - "I made lots of friends! My favourite place was Darwin."

Picking favourite places is extremely hard considering the varied landscapes of the country. We have lots, including top tourist destinations, awesome free camp sites and relaxing spots with new and old friends. One of the most beautiful places to me was the Pilbara in Western Australia because of its massive and abundant hills, wild remoteness and the way the landscape was covered in gorgeous colours at sunset. One of Ben's favourites was Cape Range National Park, near Exmouth in Western Australia, where we camped on the beach next to the beautiful Ningaloo Reef and spent lots of time relaxing with friends. Making new friends as we travelled and meeting all sorts of travellers was a big highlight too.

Well, we've been home now for about 3 weeks. It's been fun settling in and rediscovering everything. We've been doing lots of baking and thermomix cooking, finding long-forgotten toys, clothes and books, and enjoying lots of hugs with Daphne. We've started catching up with friends and hung out with family. There's been a sleepover or two, a party and Christmas and New Years celebrations. The kids have spent time doing colouring-in, making things with straws and doing times tables practice! They've learnt archery and harvested honey. And things are basically unpacked... In short, we are settling in and enjoying it.

Being home feels very 'right'. It's as though we stepped out of reality for a while and just jumped back in. But we look forward to making a few photo books and printing our travel journal. In the many years to come, it will be such a gift to look back on our adventures and talk about them; remembering sights, conversations and feelings. Our experience is one that will have ongoing benefits for our relationships with each other, with travel, and with Australia.

As we prepare for 2014, we consider starting back at school, work and the prospect of all the everyday 'stuff'. We feel somewhat energised and excited by it all and hope that won't diminish too quickly - though of course we know that is bound to happen! Our lives have expanded and the world seems ripe for much, much more discovering - yeeeeeeehaa!

So, that's it for this trip and this journal, but not to adventures. So long, farewell and over and out, until next time...

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