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5326Gopuram Entry at

One of Lgest Nandi Carved From One Rock on Way Down Chamundi...

Another Nandi View - Shiva's Vehicle

5329Gopuram on Outside of Sri Chamundeswari Temple

5331Maharaja's Palace, Mysore

5332In Fort Srirangapatnam - This Cart Carries Gods in Streets Pulled by...

5337Awesome, Tons of People!

5339Maharaja's Palace w/ 97,000 Lites!

5340Entry Gate to Palace

5343Lit Up Entry Gate

5345Temple Gopuram Lit Up


Here we stayed in Chamundi Vasathi Grutha, very near the bus station since we wish to take the city day tour w/ the local state tourist agency tomorrow.


Day trip...

Zoo: really surprisingly good for a zoo and being upgraded to a more modern style of presentation more attuned to the animal's needs.

Jaganmohan Art Gallery: impressed by the rice grain paintings (microscopic portratures on rice grains!!); huge antique clock w/ mechanical movements & chimes on quarter, half, and hourly of little soldiers; many paintings from the royal family's collection which show the life of the Rajas as well as the common people at the time; very ornate musical instrument collection & unique games & gaming boards.

Ranganatha Swamy temple: 894 AD & sprawling Fort Gumbaz remains, quite impressive

Brindavan Gardens: a place where many Bollywood movies use to film musical numbers for the fountains and colorful background it provides...huge but we did not stay for the nightly color/music show since it was Sunday, the only day that the palace is lite up w/ 94,000 lights! from 7 til 8 pm only!

Maharaja's Palace: can't say enuf, just breathtaking and very informative w/ the recorded tour available for the price of admission, in English as well as 6 other languages for tourists...sorry, not in Korean tho! Only an hour here, definately worth more time but alas, at 200 r. entry we are not going to return tomorrow.

In the evening we get together w/ two other couples on the tour, Ryan(UK)/Sara(Scotland) and Andreas/Kiki(Germany)...had a fine time chatting during the day and in eve w/ them especially during the dinner time...we stayed til 11 pm so opted to extend our stay in Mysore another day and just catch our breath.


To Samanthur & Keshava temple, Samanathapura, on the Cauvery River built in 1268 AD by general of Hoysala king Narasimha III (1254-1291 AD). Ornately carved in Hoysala style w/ Vishnu, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha, Rati Manmathars Mahishasura...etc, etc. Really the only reason we went was to get out of town, and we accomplished it in spades...countryside w/ locals in 2 different buses over rutted, bumpy roads...most tourists hire taxis as we discovered when we got there. Would not have missed the bus for anything since it was by far the most crowded one we have traveled on...I counted over 60 people standing/packed in the aisle (typical 5 seats across bus, 2 & 3), plus fully loaded top side (on top of the bus)...I would estimate that at its fullest, 150 + on board! My feet suffered a bit from people standing on them once in awile but since most feet where bare it was more important that I be careful where I was stepping, ha!

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