Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

church in Brasov


from the otherside

door to the black church

clock tower of the black church

in the town square

Hollywood or no it's Basov!

the town square

the hiking trail

theres the town

up even higher

view from the Brasov sign

nice view

my hostel was down there somewhere

We got to Bucharest at 6am but then I find out that Romania is an hour ahead so it's really 7am. As soon as I got off the train someone came up to me trying to give me a room. I said no and that I was leaving for Brasov. Another guy came up to when I was trying to find out where you buy a seat reservation as I only had a ticket. He was telling me that there were no more trains to Brasov until 11am and that he had a bus going there in half an hour. He was really pushy. I walked away. Found the board with train times and ya there was a train to Brasov like every half hour.

While waiting for the train I saw some drunk gypsy's getting pushed around by some police. Kind of scary. Bucharest's train station sure didn't make me want to stay there! I hopped on my train and stayed standing not sure where to sit. A young guy came up to me selling something and then showed me where I could sit and then tried to get me to buy a magazine. I kept saying no and he kept insisting that since he helpeg me that I should help him. He only had one english language magazine, National Geopgraphic. I only had euros. I gave him 5 which is really generous! And he complained saying the magazine was 10! The nerve!!! By the way the magazine wasn't even a new one, it was from 1986.

Got off the train in Brasov and got approached by an older guy asking if I needed a room. I told him I already had something and he asked me where. He seemed like a really nice guy and was trying to help me get there. He knew the place I was staying and I said that I would take a taxi there as pickpocketers were really bad on the buses there. Well I though he was showing me the way to the taxi's but he took me to his car. I know what you all are thinking! He drove me to my hostel but he did ask for the same amount of money a cab would have cost. He came into the hostel with me and made sure I knew that he wasn't overcharging me. Nice.

After leaving my bags I walked into the town center and found the black church. It's called that because it is all black from a fire. Got to a bank. Romanian money is all plastic!!! Cool. Had some breakfast at a cafe in the square and people watched. It seemed like the whole town was in the square for something.

Brasov has a hollywood sign saying "Brasov" up in the hill and you can hike up to it so thats exactly what I did. It was about an hour hike up through the trees but the view from up there was amazing. I hiked back down and back to the hostel. Met 2 canadian guys and an american girl and we spent the night chatting away.

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