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The beauty of tent camping is you generally get the best spots to choose from at a campsite. The big RV's generally aren't allowed to pull right up to the waters edge. But us freewheeling or foolhearty tent campers are. And this was no different. A few steps the wrong direction and you were swimming. Don't know the names of the lakes, but it was a beautiful scene. And a great swim in the morning - on purpose of course.

Now to the first most amazing thing about Maine - The MDOT (Maine department of transportation) puts together a booklet of bicycle "tours" in the state - in four color with tearout pages and amazing detail. Most state DOT's only care about bicyclists when they are mandated by law. This one actually embraces us. Now to the second most amazing thing about Maine - all drivers give the bicyclist three feet of clearance when they pass. And if they can't give you the clearance, they wait until it is clear to do so. And the third most amazing thing is that the "3 foot clearance" becomes law in 10 days - so the car AND truck drivers are giving you the clearance before it is law. Simply stunned we were.

And the weather - ok the nights have been bitterly cold, but that's going to change. And the days, well it you could prescribe your perfect fall day, these would be them!


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