View on our drive to Billings



Yellowstone River

Our nice pull through at Yellowstone River RV

View from our window

Today was a very long travel day. We drove about 385 miles from South Dakota to Billings, Montana.

We are staying one night at the Yellowstone River RV Park. We got a pull through site so we will be ready to roll again in the morning. We have gotten into the "Destination Mode". We are ready to get to Washington and stay in the same place for awhile. At least a month. :-)

We have decided to knock out about 1,000 plus miles by doing three travel days in a row, ending up near the Washington line, somewhere in Idaho. We plan to rest a couple of days in Idaho and then have two more travel days to our destination.

We drove though parts of Wyoming today and then into Montana. I tried to get pictures for the updates to show you how beautiful the area is. I had to take pictures while moving about 60 miles an hour with a dirty window, so please excuse the dirt and blurs. More later from somewhere in Montana.

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