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Heading into Hurricane

Little one room house...probably could buy pretty cheap

History of the wedding fruitcake

And, here it is!

Statue of the pioneers who settled in this area

Conestoga Wagon

The Hurricane Museum

In back of the restaurant that was closed...very cool. See the Indian...

A closer look..pretty detailed.

Today we went into the town of Hurricane, Utah. Strange name, for sure.

Our first stop was at the town Museum. It is quite small, only a couple rooms but the majority of the items were from the first 11 people who populated the town. The museum is manned by an older gentleman who welcomes you in as you walk through the door…but, wait, that is not all he does. He follows you as you try to look at the displays, talking the entire time and not leaving your side for a second. Needless to say, we didn’t stay too long. Boy, nice man, but it was very annoying.

So, how did Hurricane get its name, you ask? I will tell you.

In 1873, LDS Church Apostle Erastus Snow was traveling with two other travelers in a buggy from Kanab to St. George. The took an old Indian trail leading down the hill. A strong wind came up and tore off the roof of the buggy. Erastus Snow declared “That was quite a hurricane. We shall call this Hurricane Hill.” Yep, seriously.

The most interesting thing in the museum was the fruitcake that was made in 1907 (double seriously) and is on display under a glass domed plate. Apparently, it was a wedding cake…donated to the museum in 1990. There is more information about it when you scroll through the photos, and yes, I took a photo of it. I knew there was a reason why I did not like fruitcake!

After that we looked for a local restaurant to have lunch. We drove up, down, sideways and all over only to find out that there are only 2 restaurants (one was closed), the other was a J’s chain restaurant, 2 Mexican restaurants and KFC, Taco Bell and McDonalds. Sooo, we decided on one of the two Mexican restaurants. It actually was quite good. John had Carne Asada and the platter had rice, beans and two large pieces of steak. We brought one home and had it for dinner.

We shopped at two different antique stores where I picked up some postcards. Then, headed back to our RV.

Back on the road tomorrow heading for Nephi, Utah.

See ya tomorrow.

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