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Today I received the news that the Escapees CARE Center has an opening for me, so on March 1, I will be leaving Austin and taking up residence there. I had submitted an application to CARE last May, when Pecan Grove RV Park announced yet another rent increase – to $900 per month for 30-amp service. I decided then that it was time for me to find another place to live.

When I had checked on my status at CARE in late September, there were five people ahead of me, so I thought it probably would be at least several months or even a year or so before there would be an opening for me. The vacancy came about rather suddenly this week when the two couples who were still ahead of me on the list informed CARE that they were not yet ready because they couldn't get their affairs settled in time.

I have mixed emotions about the move. I love Austin (it’s my favorite Texas city) and I’ve made many friends here in the years since 1999. I will miss them and my Cen-Tex RV club buds terribly, as well as the amenities that a larger city can offer. Livingston is just too far away for easily attending Cen-Tex rallies in central Texas.

Livingston is the county seat of Polk County. With a population of 5,335 at the 2010 census, it is the largest city in Polk County. It is located approximately seventy-five miles north of Houston. Even though it is small, I probably will be able to find almost all the things I actually need.

It will cost me $1,030 per month, which includes all my meals and snacks, laundry, transportation, nursing care and other assistance; but I will have to pay for my utilities. This is much cheaper than other types of assisted living or retirement facilities because residents live in their own RVs and much of the work there is done by volunteers. My John Hancock Long-Term Care insurance will pay a portion of this care. I will pay up front and then submit a claim for reimbursement.

My site is right behind the main building, which will be great. Since the site is small, most other RVers don’t want it, but my Daisy will fit in it just fine. Another example of when smaller is better!

I won't have to walk far to the dining room, mail box, etc., which will be a blessing in bad weather. At the same time, I'll be back from the main road far enough to avoid the dust stirred up by traffic.

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