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I was woken by the phone this morning. A call from told me that they could not make the booking at the hotel I wanted, as they are not licensed to welcome foreigners into the hotel. This is something I was aware of, but did not know it might apply to the hotel I visited yesterday.

Apart from the hotel, there were a few more chores to do out of home today. My first stop was to the cross stitch shop, to drop off Winnie's gift, for framing! That was achieved easily, and it will be ready to collect next Wednesday. And all for the grand price of 70rmb!! That's about $14 Australian!

Next I walked back over to the Jin Jiang Hotel. Language difficulties abounded, but they called down a girl from upstairs who is the Sales Manager. She speaks some English, probably about enough to get by on. I had decided that if I had to book in person, I was going to try and squeeze for a better price. I did get an agreement on knocking the four night stay down, from 552rmb to 500rmb, so felt rather pleased so far.

But then comes the next problem. We are not licensed to accept foreign guests!! Oh no! I asked if they could try to get around it. So there were phone calls going back and forth. Eventually the Sales Manager had to go as she had an appointment, and left me to it.

The girl on the front desk again tried to speak to me, but she speaks absolutely no English. So she called someone else. The second girl is a Customer Service Officer and speaks perfect English. We waited for quite a while, and eventually Koey and I exchanged wechat contact details, and she said that she will message me as soon as they get a reply.

So I headed down to the city, as I had other things I wanted to do. My first stop was to the 3rmb shop. I was looking for cups with lids and a spoon, but had no success there, so off to the next option which is the 9rmb shop. Sure enough I found just what I wanted. And they come in boxes, so will be very useful for when Carol and I go travelling.

By then I needed some food, so headed in to a little place, where I could get two fried eggs, and some sesame paste dumplings, served in sago in coconut milk. One of my favourite snacks here.

Re-enervated, I walked on down to the shopping centre, and into Walmart. I was looking for some stuff that I did not manage to find. For one thing, I need to find small containers of shampoo and conditioner, not with a pump action on top, to take away with me.

But I did manage to get a smoked chicken salad from Starbucks, to take home with me for my dinner.

I was thrilled to get a message from Koey, to say that the problem had been resolved with the hotel, and to come back and pay my deposit. Yay!! That works for me!!

I got a taxi, but she did not want to take me. Perhaps not a long enough run, and peak hour traffic by then, but hey, I stood my ground, and she really had no choice!!

So, when I got back to the hotel, I told Koey about the deal I had made earlier, for 500 for four nights, but the receptioniste was a different one from before, and they were not budging, but they did say I could have an 'old' room for 100rmb a night. So I asked if I could have a look at the room. It was fine, just like the renovated ones, except that there are not new curtains, or wallpaper. So we struck a deal, and now I have the room for 400rmb total!!!

Happy, happy, happy!! Just what I wanted!!

Bus home, and a call to Carol when I got there, to brag about my achievement today!!

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