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Sheryl Corso Under Lone Star

Sheryl Corso with Bullock Statue

'La Belle' Viewed from Observation Platform

Original Goddess of Liberty from Top of Texas State Capitol - Side

Rotunda Floor Viewed from Third Floor

This afternoon I took Sheryl Corso to the Bullock Texas State History Museum. First, we saw an IMAX documentary, “Voyage of Time 2D”, a celebration of life and the grand history of the cosmos, from the so-called Big Bang to the dinosaur age to the present time. We both were a little less than excited about it. The photography was spectacular, of course, but the narration was not inspiring. We think that identifying the locations of the photos would have been very helpful.

We went across the street to the Blanton Café for lunch because the Story of Texas Café is being remodeled. Both cafés serve good food.

After lunch, we saw the film, “Shipwrecked” in the Spirit Theater. It documents the story of the shipwreck La Belle, a ship in French explorer La Salle's 1684 North American colonial expedition, as seen through the eyes of young Pierre Talon, a real-life passenger on the voyage. It was wrecked in a storm and sank to the bottom of Matagorda Bay where it rested undisturbed for over 300 years. In 1995, archaeologists located the 17th century ship and began the long process of excavating, recovering, and conserving the ship's hull, along with more than 1.6 million artifacts. Seeing the actual remains of La Belle in the museum makes it even more interesting. It’s amazing that such a small ship could sail across the Atlantic in the first place!

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