Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

The weather was great, sunny and actually quite hot and I packed up some books, donned my shorts and sunnies and headed out for a day on the beach. Maybe try and catch some surf and spend a day out of the house in some decent weather.

Unfortunatley this wasn't to be and I am sure my cursing could be heard along the beach when the recruitment consultant phoned to ask me to attend an interview. Bloody fantastic!!!!!!!!! Anna had made a joke that I would get a call and that is exactly what happened!!!!!!!!

I had two hours to get back to the house, catch the bus and train combo, find some trousers and shoes and get to the place. Somehow I kitted myself out in some decent clobber and found the office block one minute before time. Talk about cutting it fine.

Result: One job for Danny Green in Perth CBD. Not the best job but it is in the right line of work, gives me another reference for my CV and most importantly more money. Just a shame I had to miss the best day's weather in Perth we have seen so far.

Day 121 complete

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