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Waves and surfers

My view lying on the beach

Steve and his 10ft'er...

He enjoyed that!

Our first rainbow in the Rainbow State

The big screen on the beach

There were people everywhere

With lots of sparklers... that looked more like full on fireworks!


aaaaaaaaahhh - look a planet!

This was flying during the whole display

In the Red Lion

One of the squaddies trying to teach me the latest 'crib' moves......

The only printable picture I have of Anna

And the only one of Lisa... the rest she had her tongue...

I'll put him down in a minute ok...

We went back to the Thai restaurant this morning for brekkie, they had a cheap egg, bacon and pancake plate that Steve chose – we still can't work out how they can have pancakes with maple syrup on the same plate as eggs, it's just wrong!.

While we were eating our washing was washing in the laundrette next door, while it was drying we found some amusements and spent a few dollars on the penny shove machines.

We walked back along the beach and saw that they had started to set up a big screen and seating ready for tonight's celebrations. There were loads of people around and a definite excited buzz.

We decided to have a couple of hours on the beach before the festivities started. There were already people having barbys and playing music all the way along the sand.

We managed to find a spot and had a little float out on the lilo. Being this close to the surfers got Steve all excited and he ended up hiring a 10ft (!) board for an hour.

He got on really well again, I think his aim is to get down to an 8ft by the time we leave. I decided to save my energy for tonight.

We didn't want to have a huge dinner as we wanted to be awake later than the usual 11pm tonight... so we grabbed a sandwich and a bottle of wine and went back to the room.

I had planned to siphon some of my wine into a plastic bottle and take it to the fireworks with me but I'm glad I didn't as Steve spoke to a policeman about the law on drinking in the streets and he said you'd get arrested on the spot, no fine, no second chance... phew!

While we were in the room, the music started on the beach and we could hear it clearly, so we got ready quickly and headed out for the evening.

Unfortunately, we weren't ready quick enough and by the time we got there the music had stopped and they were playing the latest James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. As much as I'd like to see a bit of Daniel we fancied some more drinks so we went into LuLu's to waste some time before the fireworks started.

The fireworks were fantastic, they weren't the usual boring ones we get, some of them had smiley faces in them and one was a planet... check out the photos.

They played lots of music during the display, including Star Spangled Banner and Born in the USA... I'm sure I heard the Police Academy theme tune at one point too, I almost felt patriotic.

They finished off with what I recognised as the Engerland, Engerland, Engerleeeernd tune... I managed to refrain from singing these words, probably best seeing as they are celebrating kicking us out!

Once the display (and the rain!) finished we were ready for a few more drinks and ended up in the Red Lion (get in!) and played pool with a group of squaddies, who are posted here for 3 years.. lucky gits. We also met a couple of girls from Oz who were great fun.

We rolled out of there.. err.. late and crashed out.


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