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Heaven's Peak

Mountain Goats

Logan Pass

Glenda with Red Bus #93

Jackson Glacier

Saint Mary Lake with Forest Fire

Sperry Glacier, Gunsight Mountain and Gunsight Lake

Mount Siyeh


Snow Near Road

Bighorn Sheep

Continental Divide

Snyder Ridge

Today was a very special day. I took an eight-hour Red Bus Tour of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. It cost $50 but it was worth every penny because it took me places that I would not have been allowed to drive Daisy. Vehicles longer than 21 feet long or eight feet wide are prohibited on this road. Other parts of the park are more motorhome friendly, though.

The red buses are 1936 White touring vehicles which have been refurbished free of charge by Ford Motor Company. The canvas tops can be rolled back, which allows passengers to see much more of the scenery, since most of it is straight up! Periodically the driver would stop at a turn-out so we could stand up to take pictures. He was very knowledgeable about the area since he is a native. He told us that he started out robbing banks but then got scared of being caught, so he started teaching school. :>)

The 50-mile-long Going-to-the-Sun Road follows the shores of the park's two largest lakes (McDonald and Saint Mary) as it goes across Logan Pass. The tour started at the west entrance at the southern tip of Lake McDonald, a large and very deep lake created by a glacier. It is almost 500 feet deep. Saint Mary Lake is about 350 feet deep. Unfortunately, a forest fire was burning near the town of Saint Mary so, of course, the smoke made the air hazy in the park. It started a week ago in a campground.

Even though the summer has been very hot here, there still were patches of snow on the mountains. We got a close-up view of one small patch right beside the road. It was hollowed out. Very strange! We had good views of Sperry Glacier and Jackson Glacier. There were several places along the road where water from glaciers is seeping through the limestone.

In one place road crews were working on the road, rebuilding one of the lanes which had been destroyed last winter by a landslide. The road is not very wide with both lanes intact! Sometimes we had to stop to let oncoming traffic get by. Anyone afraid of heights probably would not enjoy this trip. I would not enjoy driving on it myself because I wouldn't be able to look at anything except the road!

All in all, it has been a wonderful day.

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