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Plaza de Armas

our prettiest picture of Santiago

We were only in Santiago for a day and a half, so only got a very brief impression of the city. It was very hot and the streets very noisy with lots and lots of bus traffic. The plaza de armas was pleasant and had a nice mix of old colonial buildings and medium sized shiny modern buildings. To ease our withdrawal from Argentinian beef we tried some of the Chilean´s specialty, fish. It was good, but expensive compared to our $5 steak feasts. We also broke our streak of non-attendance to museums for the past couple of weeks. We went to the pre-columbian art museum here and it was very nice. The artifacts were well displayed and explained in English and Spanish. There were lots of very cool statues and pottery. This would be our recommendation if you´re in Santiago - it makes up for the otherwise kind of unnatractive nature of the rest of the city.

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