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When a motor home is built, the manufacturer usually buys the chassis from another company and puts the "living" part of the house on top of it. When our slide wall was not working properly, we called Newmar the manufacturer. Every so often we visit Freightliner, the manufacturer of our chassis. We know that we have some engine recalls to take care of and routine maintenance like oil change and generator servicing. It's good to get things checked out every few years. There are Freightliner facilities across the country since many long distance trucks also use their chassis, but the mother ship is here in Gaffney. We've joined a fleet of motor homes also here for service and are camped in their parking lot, ready for an early morning appointment.

And then the plan is to drive about an hour from here to have a nice long visit with my sister and her family. There's a lovely campground five miles from her house. We haven't seen the family in two years and have been looking forward to this visit for months. But it appears that Hurricane Florence will be joining us there on the SC/NC border. As I am writing it is still unclear where the storm will make landfall, but the meteorologists are saying this is the worst hurricane the Carolinas have had in one hundred years. We are glued to our various TV and computer screens trying to make a decision whether to stay or go. We have to guess right ahead of time. We don't want to be driving our house through high winds and flooding roads. It's hard to determine how far inland the bad weather will really come. My sister lives about 120 miles west of the coast. Is that far enough? So frustrated and disappointed!!!

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