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Thursday, August 27th and Friday August 28th.

It is around 10 pm on Friday, August the 28th and we are still at A-Vouga campground.

When we woke on Thursday morning it was still raining. Bill checked the weather forecast and found that rain was also expected in Santiago de Compostela. We figured we might as well stay here and enjoy the quiet and solitude rather than head into what we were sure to find in the city-noise of all kinds.

I spent the afternoon in the laundry room; there was a terrific view out the doors to the water, working with the 2 washers and one dryer. Bill spent the time updating our new Tom Tom and getting to know its ins and outs.

Just after all the laundry was put away safe and dry the heavens opened up again. We resigned ourselves to an evening of reading and journaling then hit the sack, again listening to the rain on the roof and the roar of the surf.

When I woke on Friday I did not feel well. My stomach was upset and I had a headache. After breakfast I fell asleep for most of the morning and part of the afternoon, and after lunch I did the same to the rest of the afternoon. Bill spent the time on the computer, filling out forms to replace his birth certificate and cards lost in the theft in April.

By 6 pm I was back on my feet again. Bill went for a walk to enjoy low tide and I followed him a bit later. I found him chatting up a couple from Ireland (our first Ireland plate). They had a great water view by the way. Anyhow, we spent about an hour regaling each other on the highlights of each other’s trips.

Ie. They were camping in a very large tent. It takes them about an hour and a half to break camp so they would rather stay for a few days at each stop. No kidding.

It cost them about E 1,000 return, to travel across the sea from Dublin to Cherbourg, France.

They have been robbed twice on previous trips while sleeping in their TENT.

They were a fun couple and we enjoyed laughing and chatting with them.

That’s it then. I am all caught up and will be writing of the present in the future.

The weather promises to be sunny tomorrow but regardless it is time to explore Santiago De Compostela.

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