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This morning Dianne Bennett took me to the doctor’s office. A couple of X-rays were taken and then Dr. Geck discussed them with me. The only acceptable option is for me to have surgery to repair the collapsed vertebra. He will also extend the rods and screws up to the two vertebrae above the collapsed one. He said that some other patients with this issue had chosen to do nothing but that they were not happy with the results. That’s incentive enough for me to go ahead with the surgery. He said that he would expect me to have to spend only four days in the hospital this time and that I probably would not need rehab. His scheduler will call me later to set a date for the surgery. I’ll have to admit that I had trouble keeping my tears at bay.

After this, Dianne took me to the credit union and then to Walmart to get some Ensure. She had to be at home by 1:00 to let some window washers in, so we didn’t have time to go to lunch. We plan to do it tomorrow.

Later this afternoon Larry Seelke came over to help me empty my holding tank. Linda couldn’t come with him because she had to stay at home to let a refrigerator repairman in. She had made some soup, which she sent with Larry. This was no wimpy soup; it was chock full of chicken, pasta and veggies. Larry also helped me install the convex mirrors on my car’s outside mirrors. That certainly saved me a lot of time and aggravation.

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