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Bump into M & S on their way out to the 'sites' from bus station for 4th good bye.

Left at 8:05 on one lane, bumpy road thru countryside of alternately red and brown soil...agric sunflower fields, mkt produce, & field crops(corn, sorghum, oats, sugar cane,etc) + red bricks. Large canals provide much of the water as well as one large river. We climb up into high/dry deserty area, pass big fort ruin/remains then down into another lush green ag valley (now 9 am) and do the cycle again (up into another dry 'plain' w/ sparse desert-vegetation) only to return into another valley. Lots of tractors as well as bullock carts, many hauling bulging sacks of corn since they have cleared alot of fields and are stacking the stalks everywhere we look - along with sugar cane canes. Passed another huge fortress, walls & towers...perhaps the ruins of city walls, city no longer viable inside tho a village grown up outside. Enter village of Ramdurg about 10 am and come to a 2 lane road, recently resurfaced, smooth and 67 km to Belgaum to go.

Two things - and in some places 3 - I've perhaps failed to mention that are constants in prodigious #s are children & goats - some places, cows/cattle! They seem to inhabit all the spaces which are not filled by anything else, ha!

The trip is long in hours (11) but this driver was very careful and took no chances when passing so I was even able to sleep, thus I missed most of the Natl Park and the trees until we went thru Yonda (next to/in the park) at which time the road turned to crap, no asphalt, potholes, and dirt...very slow, so I could admire the forest, ha! We headed down off the plateau, switchback after switchback into Goa...the mountainsides were covered w/ trees and all was quite natural looking except for the thick haze.

Bon was able to call Valentina's and spoke w/ Santos to save us a room. When we hit the ground in Panaji there was the bus to Mapusa and in Mapusa directly onto the bus to there by 6:30 and went to the movie at 7, American Gangster, HA, what a day (as are they all!). Life is good, well at least better than the alternative I think.


Doing business in Anjuna...this is seeming like home to us now...arranging appt w/ docs and checking on more plane reservations...I catching up on journal as now...

Movies seen in Anjuna: Sex and the City, American Gangster, Juno, Pulp Fiction, All 3 Bourne Movies, Bridget Jones Diary, Quantum of Solace, White Chicks, Hancock, All 3 Pirates of the Carribean, Moma Mia

We FINALLY got the results from our wellness/physical checkups and other than a couple very minor things, the results show we are normal...ha,ha,ha, what do doctors know anyway?! So tomorrow we head out on the road again, eventually to Hassan & Mysore & then points E. to arrive in Chennai the 23rd for Bon to check in. Should be interesting cutting across S. India this way and still avoid Bangalore (my own pet peeve place, I will do almost anything to avoid that city...hate it, hate it, hate it!). Now that I've got that off my chest, I look forward to our travels and seeing more historic sights.

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