2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

fishing stage at Salvage

rock formations

a very complex rock structure

there are many geological zones in Newfoundland and each has a different...

fishing boats at Salvage

stage with lobster traps

another view of the Salvage marina

Salvage harbor

looking across the harbor

stage and dock

the tide is out

promontory at the mouth of the harbor

'saltbox' house built on the rock

this is typical of the rocky shores of these inlets

boats have to thread their way through these rocks

tidal flats

beach at Sand Cove

one of the few sandy beaches around

hiking trail through the woods above Sandy Cove

return trail - the roots are like steps

whale bone gate

something on the beach got my attention

it was just the beauty of that rocky beach

view across Sandy Cove

the parking lot framed in that whale bone gate

fishing stage at Burnside

aboriginal housing

Beothuk decor

an interesting interpretive sign

some of the many arrowheads recovered

Burnside rock formation - completely different from Salvage a few miles away

Burnside fishing pier

a quiet community

with a few good natured kids and a dog

a last look at Burnside harbor

From Salvage to Sandy Cove - Eastport and beyond - Thursday, August 28 and Friday, August 29

Thursday we didn’t do anything spectacular, just retraced our route along Freshwater Bay south and got a campsite for the night at the Harold W. Duffett Shriners RV Park. This is Labor Day weekend, recognized in Canada too, and the tourists are running for home while the locals come out. This is a big park and nearly all the campers are from Newfoundland. There is one camper from Quebec, one from B.C. and they say there is one from Ontario, although we haven't seen them.

This is local’s weekend out, and the place is crammed full. Something I know we’re going to enjoy as we being the only Yanks are quite the novelty. Our next door neighbors Lloyd and Bernice have already invited us over for tea and some music Lloyd wanted us to hear. They are really nice people and a lot of fun. Bernice’s sister is with them and they are expecting their daughter and her family any time. Two of their grandchildren are coming up and they can’t wait to see them.

They are typical of so many Newfoundlanders we’ve met, and so sincere and nice that you just wish you could stick around and get to know them better.

But today (Friday) we went out for a drive and we visited several local towns and a research center where they are coordinating the excavation and research of another Beothuk and palaeoeskimo site on Sister's island out in Bonavista Bay. We took a lot of pictures of the quiet fishing villages, and of the bays and waterways that surround them. Rain showers limited our hiking to one trail, but it was a steep one so we got our exercise for the day. The rest of the day was a peaceful exploration of scenery as lovely as any we’ve seen anywhere in our travels. Newfoundland never fails to awe and inspire.

The picture titles will provide adequate explanation of where we went and what we did, and the rest we’ll leave to your imagination. We returned to our Shriners hangout for the evening and tomorrow we will leave it and head out for Terra Nova National Park.

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