Only 2" Tall - Artifact(Ivory/Bone) Dates From 10000BC Found Nearby

From Brats. Castle - Old Town in Foregrnd.

From Brats. Castle - Communist Apts. Other Side

Leaving Brats. Castle - Rt. of Here, Naturalist Area Preserve Plants

Old Town - Some Not Totally Restored - Nice

Jap Snap w/ Bon

Tim Inspects Street Art

Lots of River Traffic

Devin Castle - Day Trip

We got up and saw a great change in the,windy, took our time and walked over the bridge just down the way from Gran Camping where we stayed. Once into Slovakia we were met by a town obviously in transition, lots of road construction and new building going on. Sturovo is the warmest place in Slovakia and attracts vacationers. Sat down to look at what we were doing, had some ice cream, Mari discovered that the best way to communicate was via German. We found out the train depot was 2 km. out so we hiked to the station where we then waited 2 hours for the train from Budapest and proceeded into Bratislava...We had been told that things here would be cheaper but not so the ON's...the only place we found with room, Backpackers Hostel, is $18 US each!!! and this is a DORM room!

Called another and made reservations for tomorrow nite for $14 US(no room tonite, tho).

We will not be here long as the cost is prohibitive...

These countries all are made for travellers, lots of public transport and great trains.

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