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DL at the fuel dock

Who want to go to school?

The outboard doctor makes a house call

Good bye outboard

We walked so far one hot day, about 6 miles into a...

The view was beautiful but John was NOT impressed with the narrow...

Guanaj is no place to be without an outboard, John rowing to...

The dock we are tied to

This is where we are, tied to the dock on the right...

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Walking the trails of Guanaja

Farewell to Guanaja after 11 days. I had mixed feelings leaving, the natural unspoiled beauty of the island is unsurpassed. Change is coming though, and as locals bragged about the new roads being built all around the island and cars arriving I couldn't help but feel the loss of something special, a special place where no traffic exists. It's not our island though or our place to judge. There was even a traffic accident last weekend, with a 16 year old injured. There is no test required for a driver's license here in Honduras and no driving school on an island that is only beginning to build roads.

We revisited friends and spent some time with Tony, our boat boy from last year. We were as happy to see him as he was to see us. He is a sweet kid and as cute as can be. We asked him to join us for lunch but he would not accept. We bought him a Pop and I shared my deep fried plantains with him, which I don't eat many of. When I asked him when his birthday was, he didn't know. Honest! We couldn't belive it. Can you imagine a 13 year old in Canada not knowing his birthday. He was saving the tip money he makes helping gringos like us for a new pair of flip flops and was thrilled to tell us that he was going fishing with the men for the first time out on "the banks", the Cayman banks it turns out. He just has to tell his teacher that he is going to the banks, and he gets out of school, but he has to take homework out on the fishing boat to do while he is away. I hope that he is still in school next year when we return and not out working full time to support his family, since his father is no longer living.

Our outboard motor quit while in Guanaja and we had a highly recommended mechanic look at it. Turns out it's a head gasket we need, so we'll have one shipped to Roatan. Mom and Dad Wood offered to ship us an old small motor they aren't using and we are mighty greatful.

John had told me about an ad he saw on the Chisme Vindicator, a Rio Dulce website that we follow, for a free dock in Oak Ridge Harbour, Roatan, in exchange for feeding 2 dogs and watching the property while the owner flies home to the US. So, with no outboard, and no generator we thought, what the heck, lets try something different.

So here we are in our new home, tied to a dock, plugged in, running computers and fans and all kinds of decadent electronic gadgets. We can use our stove and microwave and toaster and vaccuum for the first time in a few months. John can work on the motor on shore in peace and not drive me crazy dripping oil all over the boat.

We have a beautiful, fenced piece of property all to ourselves. It is situated on the far end of a little cay, adjoined to the main island by a little foot bridge. We can snorkel off the dock in front on a reef. There are lobster in shallow water that we can wade in and catch and lots of fish. It might be a month, it might be three but this is where we are for now. There is even a washing machine, which may be sold shortly but before it is, I am going to wash my own clothes for the first time since we left Marios Marina a year and a half ago. I can't wait! After scrubbing sheets and towels and you name it in our bathtub with a very limited water supply I will never ever complain about doing laundry in a real washing machine again.

We have internet so even though we still have our modem we won't have to buy time for it while we are here, a savings of $12/week or $48/month.

We have two lovely dogs named Jip and Chiquita and I am so looking forward to having them for a while. Chiquita will bite anyone who tried to come on the property which is a good thing down here. People are quite proud of dogs that bite around here. John is very happy to be at a dock. No hauling water or rowing to shore with our one paddle. A life of luxury. I don't have a single picture yet but next update you can be sure there will be plenty. Actually I have a picture of the dock and an aerial shot of the property that Joe sent us for now.

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