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Breakfast outdoors on this deck



On the road to Jerusalem









In the Garden of Gethsemane










The Western (Wailing) Wall




Walking the Via Dolorosa




At the Site where Christ was crucified and buried

























We slept pretty good last night and awoke early, anxious to get started on another super day. The tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem is 10 hours long and we expect to be tired by the time we return.

As I sit here writing, it is nearly 5:00 AM here, and 10:00 PM last night back in Hannibal.

We have the sliding door open and the lights of Tel Aviv are blinking on the shore. It is light enough to see the outline of the hills behind the lights of the city.

Marilyn is in the shower and I have already completed my morning chores, except for getting dressed.

The buffet begins at 5:30 AM so we will leave to have breakfast shortly.

Can’t wait to see Marilyn’s face as she looks down on the old city of Jerusalem for the first time.

I’ll finish this entry and get it posted later tonight.


We had a long day once again. Our tour bus left the dock and traveled the road where so much fighting took place back in 1948.

Pieces of makeshift armored vehicles adorn the road to this day.

When we arrived in Jerusalem the first place they took us was to Mount Scopus for the view of the Temple Mount. Marilyn was very excited and remained that way for most of the day today.

We next visited the Western Wall, and then walked the “Way of the Cross”, called the Via Dolorosa. Marilyn took pictures of the Stations of the Cross as we walked along.

Of course that walk ended at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and we saw where Jesus was nailed to the cross, crucified, and buried.

Marilyn knelt to touch the stone where tradition says his body was laid to be bathed before wrapping Jesus in the burial cloth.

That was a touching site for us.

Leaving this area we went to lunch and enjoyed some quiet time with a great buffet style meal. Wine and water were on the table to go with the food.

In the afternoon we visited Bethlehem where the crowds were unbelievably large.

We had to change guides because Bethlehem is an Arab city and the Israeli guides are not allowed to come in there.

The guide we had tried hard and did his very best, but we were unable to hear anything he said due to the thousands of people present and the total chaos of the system.

Thanks to the Mark Twain Cave experience as a guide, I sure could give these folks some help. Oh well…………..

It was after 6:00 PM by the time we returned to the ship. It is now going on to 9:00 PM and I will wrap this up.

Tomorrow we will be in Port Said which is a three hour drive from Cairo, Egypt. That will make for a long day as we travel to see the Pyramids and take a luncheon cruise on the Nile River.

So I’ll say good night for now.

I still need to download the pictures from today, and get a shower before I get in bed.

Good night everyone. Remember…………..Life is Good!

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