Miners Landing



It was hard to decide where to eat, so much to choose...

One of the many menus

Alaskan Bakery

Hot dogs? :-)

We chose Ivar's


Bird feeding sign :-)

Happy birds :-)

Lunch with a view

Ivar's front


Jacob Black from Twilight dressed in Deadliest Catch :-)

Back to our favorite Pier

Inside .... old miner, excuse the photo glares inside

Old carousel


Elliotts Pier


Last one!

We visiting several Seattle Piers trying to decide where to have lunch. There is so much to choose from, it was hard to decide. We finally chose Ivar's. We had a wonderful fresh seafood, the red clam chowder was awesome.

Here is a paste of info about them: Ivar’s Original Acres of Clams has been a tradition since 1938. Seattle’s most historic full service seafood restaurant is poised on Seattle’s colorful waterfront at Pier 54. This attractive yet informal restaurant has a wharf-like feel which showcases stellar waterfront views of Washington State ferries, Fire Station #3’s waterside operations and Puget Sound.

We enjoyed our seafood outside. They have the most unusual sign, telling you to please feed the gulls. That is a first. :-)

After lunch, we visited some of the other piers. One of our favorites is the Pier 57 called Miners Landing. Miner's Landing has several shops, restaurants and an arcade. Retail destinations like Pirates Plunder, The Sports Den, and Zongo Gifts, are mixed in with fine dining experiences like The Crab Pot, The Salmon Cooker, Fisherman's Restaurant, and The Alaskan Sourdough Bakery.

Miner's Landing is also home to an original hand carved carousel from the early 20th century. It is one of the oldest working carousels in North America and features electric lights and galloping horses. I tried to get good pictures, but they were all taken inside, so please ignore the glares.

Seattle is an awesome city, we could spend a lot more time here. Tomorrow we will visit the famous Pike Place Market. More later from Seattle.

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