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After much checking of forecasts, NOAA websites, the Weather Channel, etc. we've concluded that it will not be safe for us to spend the planned six days visiting family here. If we didn't have these forecasts, we would have no idea that something bad is coming. The weather has been sunny and humid with light winds.

The last two days my sister and I have crammed in as much bonding as possible. We all see each other so seldom, it feels like we have to reacquainted. We had lunch with her daughter and her family in Charlotte and then her other daughter and granddaughter arrived from Charleston. They had to evacuate and the fact that all four lanes of I-26 became northbound, made their drive efficient. It is our impression that even this far inland they will have overwhelming amounts of rain and with all the beautiful trees around, some are going to take down some power lines. We feel lucky that we are able to leave and hope that they all come through the storm OK. Our niece's house a few blocks from the coast in Charleston has us all especially concerned. Our plan is to head southwest tomorrow before the storm lands. It's been hard to decide where to go and where to stop once we get there. We are aiming at a parking lot with power pedestals south of Atlanta where we have stopped before. Parking lot means no trees nearby, but we could blow around if the winds are fierce enough. We expect rain and wind, but no more intense than a typical thunderstorm. Hope we're right.

And that ain't all. In May 2017 I had surgery on my Achilles tendon. It healed well and I have been playing tennis and walking pain free. Shortly before we left home I noticed a dime sized raised area near the top of my scar. I did not have time to see my surgeon again and crossed my fingers and left Illinois. This area has swollen a lot and got dark with blood beneath the skin. It doesn't feel infected, but exploded tonight. Some blood and pus came out. I guess once we are done escaping Hurricane Florence I will have to find someone to take a look at this. Via email my surgeon said it could be a suture knot that did not dissolve properly.

It's always something.

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