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Today we went down to the sea port to visit the Maritime Museum.

A completely restored steel hull sailing ship, the Star of India, had several classrooms of students on it and guides dressed as period sailors. The kids seemed a lot more interested in when they could eat lunch than playing sailor. This boat still sails once a year in a regatta on Labor Day.

Then we went on the HMS Surprise, a 1898 replica of a Royal Navy Frigate. It was built as a tall sail training vessel. It's owned by 20th Century Fox and has appeared in several movies including the Pirates of the Caribbean. The Captains room had a cannon in it. The crew men slept in swinging cots over the rest of the cannons. It was a realistic look at life on board during that time period.

The B-39, a Soviet Navy submarine . To enter the sub you must crawl through a steel circle about 30" around 12" wide to enter the ramp going up to the sub. The inside was cramped and there were three of these circle "doorways." To leave you had to go back through them. People thought it was just a fun entry outside but it was how you got from one area to another. Several tourists had to turn back when they were actually in the sub. Like rats in a maze.

In all there were 11 vessels. The last was a steam power ferry from 1898 and it had the history of ships and boats both military and private. Tuna canning,the history of log rafts from the Northwest to build San Diego, and a gallery of paintings. Great way to spend a day.

Train drama: We boarded and a middle aged gentleman not homeless, was upset because someone had left a box under a seat and the transit police did not remove it. He called the emergency number and reported it again. Finally when the proper authority got on our car to remove the box and IT WAS GONE!!!!!!

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