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We went to yet another grocery store called Stater Bros. No card was needed to get the sale prices. The meat department is almost all butcher shop and very little ls pre- packaged. They even had several crown roasts in the meat case. You don't see those at Walmart. The big bonus, Bingo coupons.

The parade is today in Palm Springs. They have balloons, like the Macy's parade, only on a smaller scale, lots of bands ,and lighted floats. It 'll be hard to find a spot to park the truck and be close enough for Dick to make the walk. They expect 90,000 people. We are going over about 2:30. If the years we spent in New Orleans taught us anything it was how to see a parade.

Today is pancake breakfast at 7:00 and the clean your closets day sale. Dick will never be awake in time for the breakfast. I am a big believer in donating gently used items to a thrift store that supports a charity. Here in DHS it is the Angel store. They buy wheel chairs, help dogs, other equipment for children with disabilities. That won't stop me from looking through every one's stuff, especially the books. It's all set up in what they call the Great Room.

Sunday is the Tamale Festival in Indio and that is the food my hubby loves best. Since the Saints managed to get beat on Thursday, no game tomorrow . This is a big weekend for us. The scrap booking potential is there. Now if the wind, which is currently at Biblical intensity, will just die down it should be another good day in the Valley.

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