Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

My New RV Site at Pecan Grove RV Park

This morning I was up early and reported to the Camping World service desk. Happily, they were able to start on my repairs immediately. I guess my crossed fingers last night did the trick. :>) Not so happily, they couldn’t do everything that I wanted done.

They discovered that the fuel line from the gasoline tank to the generator was bad. The only way they could replace it would be to take down the fuel tank and the generator. Since my fuel tank was over ¾ full, it would be too heavy. The entire process would take more than five hours. I told them that I would wait until I could arrive with my fuel tank nearly empty. They tested the generator using an external gasoline tank and it ran just fine; so the filters were not the problem after all. I’ve decided to wait a while before having the fuel line replaced since I rarely use the generator anyway. Maybe I’ll do it just before leaving on my next long trip – whenever that will be.

They were able to repair my entry step, so I didn’t have to order a new one after all. They also replaced my kitchen faucet and the broken eyelet drapery carriers and inspected my propane system.

My next chores were to feed Daisy and get her annual inspection done. I don’t know what the inspection tech did but I think he must have really slammed hard on the brakes when he tested them. I could have croaked when I saw the mess he caused. All my desk drawers had come out and strewed the contents everywhere. Some things even ended up in the kitchen! This has never happened to me when I have had to brake hard in a real driving situation. I think I may go back tomorrow and pull his ears off. :>)

Back at Pecan Grove RV Park I moved into my new site. The man who had lived in this site wanted to trade with me because my site had more space for his awning. This move is better for me, too, because it is easier to back into this space. I called Time Warner Cable to move my service to my new site but they can’t do it until Thursday. Until then I won’t have TV or Internet service.

My mail packet today included some birthday cards, which brightened my day.

The packet also contained a letter from my car insurance company telling me that my insurance was assigned to a different company; it included a statement showing nearly twice the premium. That did NOT brighten my day. They said that their decision was based on my previous insurance claims history as reported by Choice Point, Inc. The last claim I had was in 1995 and that accident was not my fault. I’ll have to dig into this to find out what’s going on. Yuk!

One more stressor: My new paper shredder stopped working. I knew it wasn’t because of the electrical outlet because my little heater was still working. I tried the shredder in another outlet just to be sure, and it still was not receiving power. I’ll take it back tomorrow.

Poor little Sweet Pea looked pathetic. While I was gone, a storm blew through and apparently got her just wet enough to cause the pollen to stick.


Route: I-35 S to Austin

Total Miles Driven: 46

Gasoline Price: $2.829 at Austin

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