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Hello baaaaaaby

Cool rocky coastline

Checking out the rockpools

It took us ages to get a good one of these! (we...

Apologies for the bad picture, one drawback of being in a low...

Twas very tropical in places

Thought this tree was cool

I think this must be the Hawaiian version of The Incline

There are some seriously scary faces in this even has teeth!

The sea got even closer than this in places

Waimea Beach and people jumping off the rocks... too low down again...

Watching the rain in Haleiwa

We had a little friend watching us eat lunch

Check that baby out!

Stephen and Louise

We had a buffet breakfast again today, it will be our last one we think. Firstly the quality isn't great and secondly Steve can't seem to have less than 4 courses, which isn't a good look for his new skin-tight rash guard...

Then we walked up a few blocks to the Enterprise Car Rental shop. We filled in the paperwork and again got stung on the insurance (note to self – never look at the price on-line again and think 'ooo that's cheap'), which almost doubled the price to $60 a day. Up in the carpark the sales assistant took us to one side away from a Japanese couple who were standing with us and gave us an offer we couldn't really afford... err I mean refuse. A convertible Mustang for $10 extra... done we said!

It was a cool little black one that was ready straight away, so we hopped in and grumbled off down the street, it sounded sooooo good.

The traffic on Oahu is a bit heaver than we've been used to so far and the roof down stuck in roadworks was not a good move, we soon stopped off for a bit of a breather.

The coastline all around Oahu is amazing, there were rocky bits, sandy beaches and parts where the water came right up to the road. The mountains were pretty spectacular too, covered in lush vegetation, much like the rest of the scenery we saw.

Our first stop was two hours later at Waimea Bay, it was a smallish beach with huge rocks in the sea that everyone was jumping off. We spent most of the time in the sea here because it was so hot.

Back in the car we put the roof up, partly because we were getting cooked and partly because there were rain clouds overhead... good job we did, by the time we reached Haleiwa it was pouring down.

The North Shore is the part of Hawaii famous for surfing, in the winter the waves are massive and form the famous Banzai Pipeline (where the waves curl over), in the summer it's a flat as a pancake and the surf is mainly in the south.

We found a nice restaurant and sat outside under their canopy watching the rain... and boy did it rain and rain and rain... it didn't stop until we were back in Waikiki, trust us to get a convertible today!

Anyway, we found some free parking and walked back to the room, did some catching up on the blog and Family Guy... then crashed out still full from our lunch.


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