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Passing by Bonacca on our way to anchor in El Bight

Dunbar Rock

The anchorage of El Bight in the background

How cool is this house?

The Manati Restaurant and Bar

The Big 50


Hansito opening our gift

I painted a picture of The Manati as a gift

How not to park your dingy at a party

Lining up for the HAWG

I passed on the HAWG HEAD

but John was game

Plenty of food


and cold salva

Beaver cake

the band

Must be a German thing


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the big bash

There are very generous people here on the Island of Guanaja. A perfect example was Hansito's 50th birthday party. Many, many people were invited, others like us just knew we would be welcome. Free food, free bar for so many people. The crowd was well behaved considering that free bar is an open invitation to possible mayhem around here. The party started early too, around noon. All went well and there were no incidents. Fun was had by all.

What do you buy a guy like Hansito? He owns a bar, so booze, the traditional 50th gift, didn't seem appropriate somehow. So I found an old paint by numbers and painted over it, made him a picture of the Mananti Bar and Restaurant, which he loved.

We are thrilled to be here and will be back with more updates before long.

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