Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

the national park

the start of my hike

the top of the lakes

waterfall 1

nice stuff

same waterfall but from the other side

water so clear you can see all the fishies


just gets better

i loved it here

big falls

view down below

the big falls

this place was so pretty

color of the water was soo cool

thats the really big falls

soooo awesome

Up super early this morning and grabbed some snacks from the grocery store before heading to the bus station. Got on a bus to Plitvice National Park. The bus basically drops you off on the side of the road next to the forest haha. Found my way in and bought a park pass. A bus takes you up to the top of the lakes and you hike down to the bottom. One of the most amazing, beautiful places I have ever been. Really really amazing. I spent almost the whole day there.

Then trying to get a bus back was much more difficult. A bus came by and I assumed it was going to Zadar on it's way to split until I got on and sat down adn the bus got going and the ticket man came to me and I said Zadar and he said Nei. The bus did take me to a rest stop where he said a bus to Zadar would eventually come by. And so I waited, had dinner and waited some more. Finally one came and I hopped on. Got back to the hostel and got packed up to go to Sarajevo.

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