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Beth (UK) , Wyatt (South Carolina, USA) And I Have a Drink...

Khao San Road -- No Longer A Backpackers' Ghetto

Fried Bugs Anyone?

A couple of other travellers from Big John's Guesthouse, Beth and Wyatt, and I went out for Thai seafood and, later, drinks at a nearby tavern. Wyatt, a fellow American from South Carolina, just arrived in Bangkok after spending four months teaching English in China. He provided me with some good travel advice to China.

THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2006. BANGKOK, THAILAND. I'm back in Bangkok after spending just under two weeks in Myanmar. I have posted photos from Myanmar; Captions and text will follow shortly. In the meantime, I am finalizing my plans for my next destinations: China and Indonesia. I applied for a double entry 90 day Chinese visa yesterday at the China Embassy. Once I figure out my routing, I plan to buy plane tickets and continue on the final leg of my round the world journey.

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2006. BANGKOK, THAILAND. This afternoon, I went to Khao San Road, where I first stayed eight years ago. Khao San Road was then and still is known as the backpackers' ghetto. Back then it was full of tuk-tuks (Thailand's name for the autorickshaw), dirty, dusty, and catered to the largely shoestring college backpackers. Khao San Road has cleaned up and is almost unrecognizable from eight years ago. Today's Khao San Road is now pedestrian only with neon lighting numerous upscale restaurants, bars, and clubs, in addition to the original food, clothing, music, and souvenir vendors. There are now Starbucks Coffee, McDonalds, Burger King, and 7-11 on or near Khao San Road. Indeed, you can hardly called it a "ghetto" anymore. The transformation is amazing.

SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2006. BANGKOK, THAILAND. My travel timing is unbelievable and quite fortunate. Today a cyclone (called hurricanes in the Western hemisphere) slammed into Myanmar, just outside Yangon. I had originally planned to be in Yangon at this time, but decided to return to Bangkok a week early.


The final three months of my travels have firmed up. I will first head to Bali, Indonesia, for two weeks and then travel through Java to Jakarta. Due to time constraints, I will not be travelling to Laos, Cambodia, or Vietnam, each of which I visited eight years ago.

My revised itinerary is as follows:

30 Apr: Fly Thai Air TG431 BKK-DPS (Denpasar, Bali) 08:40-14:00

Two weeks in Bali then two weeks travelling through Java to Jakarta

30 Apr - 14 May: Bali, Indonesia

15 May - 29 May: Java, Indonesia

29 May: Fly TG434 CGK (Jakarta)-BKK 12:45-16:15

29 May to 1 Jun: Bangkok

1 Jun: Fly BKK to PEK (Beijing)

30 July: Fly Shanghai to BKK.

1 Aug: Fly BKK to HNL then LAX

5 Aug: Los Angeles

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