South by Southeast late 2018 - early 2019 travel blog

As we left South Carolina this morning, the sky was blue, the breeze gentle. Usually when we go to Florida directly from home, the route takes us through the middle of Atlanta. We try to plan so that we can avoid rush hour, but just like our home town, it's rush hour 22 hours a day. Our Carolina coastal route plan would have skipped this giant clog, but coming through Atlanta was our only choice today. It's also kind of galling that we had to back track so far west which added an extra 200 miles to the trip. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

As planned we are camped in the parking lot of a meat market sans trees. We've been here before. For $30 we have full utilities and got a "free" slab of meat included. The A/C is working hard, but what did we expect heading south so early in the fall. It feels good to be safe and having avoided the evacuation crowds and queues for fuel. When I look out the window, instead of a beautiful view of trees and a lake, I gaze upon a giant plastic statue of a boiled peanut. Welcome to the deep south.

The lump on my incision scar exploded last night and released all kinds of gross gook. Maybe some of it was that surgical knot and it will heal without more surgery, which I can't have until we get home again due to insurance constraints and my faith in the doctor who freed me from three years of pain. Fingers crossed.

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