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Tonight I went with a group of my church friends to a Gaither Vocal Bank concert at the Great Hills Baptist Church in north Austin. On the way to the church, we stopped at Chick-fil-A for takeout sandwiches. We had arrived at the church several minutes before the doors opened, so I ate my sandwich while standing in line to enter! The weather had turned cold and windy late this afternoon, which made it a bit uncomfortable out there.

The Gaither Vocal Band is an American southern gospel vocal group, named after its founder and leader Bill Gaither. The current lineup consists of Reggie Smith, Wes Hampton, Adam Crabb, Todd Suttles and Bill Gaither. The vocal group was formed in 1980 on the spur of the moment before a concert. I was surprised at how many of the Bill Gaither Trio’s “golden oldies” they sang tonight. Of course, the musical style has changed over the years. I really enjoyed the concert.

The Bill Gaither Trio was formed in 1956 while Bill was still in college. The trio was initially a family group consisting of siblings Bill Gaither, Danny Gaither and Mary Ann Gaither. After Mary Ann married, Bill’s wife Gloria Gaither joined the group. That’s when I first heard of them. I have several of their songbooks and still love them.

I had planned to take some photos at the concert tonight but discovered, to my chagrin, that my camera’s battery was dead. Aarrgghh!! I always recharge the battery after every use but, apparently, it is going dead even when not used. I’ll have to have it checked next week and replace it if necessary.

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