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We stayed our first night in Tonopah, Nevada at the Tonopah Station Casino. Buddy had recommended it to us, ans since the wind was blowing hard and gusting harder we felt like a stop was in order. Not much to the town, at least from where we were, but we did get some good pictures of some old mining equipment that was out front.

The next night was in Fallon at the Bonanza Casino. Again, not much to the town that we could get to on foot but a fairly pleasant place to stay.

The next night on the road was in Susanville, California. At the Walmart. At last the wind quit blowing so that was a good thing. Gas prices were not so good. As we passed one station I told Don to stop because the price was only $3.43. Imagine! And it will only get worse as we go into California. We took a long walk in the evening, to check out the area and scope out a gas station that we could get into and out of easily with the RV.

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