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Thomas and Friend With His Catch

Thomas and His Second Catch

A Waiting Friend Nearby to Catch Thomas?!

Washing Lakshmi, 20 Yr OldTemple Elephant in River

Up Lakshmi

Lakshmi Giving Herself a Rinse

Lakshmi on Her Way to Temple - Where Later We Were Blessed...

Countryside Surrounding Hampi - Here Prepping Rice Paddy for Planting the Modern...

Tim, Anne, & Thomas(White Shirt) w/ Rocky Climb to Monkey Temple in...

View Away From Hampi on Top by Monkey Temple of Hampi Surrounds...

View Towards Hampi From Monkey Temple - Note Haze!

Another Of Valley Greenery & Steps up to Temple

Monkey Temple - Hindu Legend of Ramayana, This Area Was Kishkinda, Realm...

Anne & Hampi Far in Background (Beyond Rocks & By River)

Bon & Same View

Looking Down 180 Degrees From Other Photos

Newly Planted Rice Paddy

Indian Guide Shows Thomas How It's Done, Ha!

Thomas Takes a Plunge

T & T Take the Plunge Together























Left 9:30 for most of way on India 'interstate' #4, a 4-6 lane much like anywhere in US, only second time on journey on such a highway - other one was in S. Africa. Took one hour to 'leave' Bangalore so it was sloow plus where highway is incomplete going thru several cities/towns, otherwise we made good time. Then about 100 km from Hospit at around 3 pm we left it to go N. up onto a high plain/plateau...windy, and more wind machines on rock outcrops. This is a two lane, major transport corridor by the amt of slightly over an hour over a distance of 40 km we passed going S. over 240 semitrailors/freight carriers/tanker trucks or buses, this does not incl private veh or tuk tuks or bullock carts(6 of these, ha). Plus we encountered 4 goat herds which occupied one lane and at least 7 wandering cows in the road, and so it goes. During this time our driver passed 14 vehicles, all freight carriers, going our way. Needless to say, this was one hair raising ride and our closest to collision yet, just inches before he swerved back into our lane, a truely exciting time was had by all, HA!

Arriving in Hospit around 6 we realized it was not where we wanted to stay for the night plus we wanted to find a reasonable ON where there might be cable TV for tomor inauguration! We took tuk tuk to Hampi(on the way we passed another 9 bullock carts, they are really 'the thing' in this area) and Laxmi Hotel (after Bon investigated 3 other places w/ our tuk tuk driver's 'assistance') is where we ended up for 700 r.

To dinner who should we encounter but Thomas & Anne (Denmark) who had just gotten here the day before from Thomas' very successful fishing trip...see pics. The first one he caught it took his line downstream and snagged in some brush so unable to give in to a little set back Thomas went into the stream with his pole reeling it in, at times w/ only his mouth above water! It was two days later that he saw the 'other fellow' who might have also been 'fishing' at the time (unknown to Thomas), but for larger prey (Thomas?). Anyway, these are protected, catch and release it was a very good expedition for them in the interior of India!


Inauguration of 44th President B. Obama...many do not appreciate the significance of the # 44 as much as I do, but I will not elaborate here. Suffice it to say everyone including myself have a real sense of hope as well as challenge. It rings of JFK, a new start, new possibilities. Change IS in the air. There is a palpable feeling again of faith in a future which holds promise for the next generation. I can't help feel it myself, pulled back as I am into a more optimistic outlook against all rational reason...but then what else does 'Build it and they will come' mean?

One thing I like to do everywhere we are on a beach or even wherever there is wet sand is build a drip castle. Not an ordinary thing to do but I try to create a challenge for myself to make it as fast as I can at the very edge of the incoming tide or water line, complete it and then watch the waves bring it down. This is what change is all about, building castles in the sand. This is what I sense life is about at least for me.

Earlier today we (Thomas,Anne,Bon, & I) went on an outing up a nearby rocky peak - locally referred to as Monkey Temple - and then for a swim & tubing 1 km down a channel of fast moving water from a reservoir. Very refreshing. It is so peculiar, the area is surrounded by huge boulders, rocky outcroppings, seemingly unique w/ rocks tenuously balancing on each other or almost on air. Before watching the inauguration we wished T & A a safe enjoyable journey onward as they headed into Hospit and the train. A very pleasant time we have had w/ them.

In the afternoon we walked the Hampi Bazaar area, gave Lakshmi(Virupaksha temple elephant) a 1 r. coin and received her blessing, and toured the ruins of the area including Hemakuta Hill.

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