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Small pieces of metal in the oil from the transmission after John...

Generator maintenance also, does it ever end?

on the beach at Half Moon Bay

a little trolling in the dingy yields 0

Internetting at Rudy's Restaurant

Slow here in West End right now

Come on in

The water's fine

Canvas repairs

Relaxing on the beach in the shade



This update brought to you from Barefoot Charlie's Internet Cafe

We arrived in West End 9 days ago and I have no idea where the time has gone!

We travelled into Coxen's Hole to one day last week to check into Honduras and found a new routine in effect. Our passports needed to be stamped at the airport. So we walked a couple of miles to the airport and a couple back, stopping for some delicious Bojangles chicken (along the lines of Kentucky Fried).

After our artery clogging feast we continued into town and John went to the customs office while I mailed some gifts home to the kids. Typical Island routine. Of course the post office is closed for lunch and when we returned the friendly clerk said "oh I'm sorry but you'll have to come back, the girl with the stamps isn't here right now. She should be back around 4". It was around 2. So John hoofed it down towards the cruise ship docks to the hardware store while I sat and enjoyed a cold Berena (that's Honduran beer)and enjoyed people watching.

We picked up a new cell phone and a few items that we hadn't been able to buy in the Rio. Paper plates, rye whiskey, muffin tins, Alfredo sauce,baking soda. Decadent!

We spent one entire day and most of another stuck out on the boat in a strong west wind. Our canvas over the back deck started tearing in the wind so we had to fold it back and tie it down with bungee cords. We did lots of reading and napping.

Finally the wind clocked around and we are back to the prevailing east winds that make West End so lovely. We are walking much more than we did in the Rio, and of course are back to lugging water out to the boat but it's worth it to look down through the crsytal clear water. I have 2 little baby grouper or something swimming around my swim platform. Once in a while we see a large fish or a turtle.

We came into town on Sat night to do a little dancing at Foster's which it seems is now only open from 9-12. Two other couples left and we were sitting there looking at ourselves. Such as shame, it was such a happening place last year.

John is going to call someone in Alaska about a used transmission. It couldn't be much further away, will be interesting to see what the shipping quote is. Until then, we aren't going anywhere fast, but then, who would want to?

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