The Snake River running through Hells Canyon

Killgore Boat Tours

Nez Perce Info

White Bird, Idaho

Population 150

The town of White Bird

Church in White Bird

General Store

Drug Store

One of the locals on horseback

Hammer Creek Bridge

The drive to Pittsburg Landing begins, so does the rain :-)


The road was very narrow and full of curves



Pittsburg Landing Campgound

The Snake River with Oregon on the other side



Killgore Jet Boat


The scary road back :-)





Last one!

Today we visited part of Hells Canyon Recreational Area. We started our tour in the tiny town of White Bird, Idaho.

Hells Canyon is a 10-mile wide canyon located along the border of eastern Oregon and western Idaho. It is North America's deepest river gorge at 7,993 feet.

The best way to see the area is by jet boat. We drove the winding and VERY narrow road to Pittsburg Landing. We were able to view the Snake River. Right across the river is the state of Oregon. It is a beautiful wild area and not to be missed if you are anywhere near. We would love to come back in the summer and see it by jet boat when the boats are running. I am adding a lot of pictures of the Pittsburg road and the awesome ranches and towns in the area. Please excuse the cloudy pictures from all the rain.

Most of the area is inaccessible by road. In 1806, three members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition entered the Hells Canyon along the Salmon River. They turned back without seeing the deep parts of the canyon. It was not until 1811 that the Wilson Price Hunt expedition explored Hells Canyon while seeking a shortcut to the Columbia River. Hunger and cold forced them to turn back, as did many explorers who were defeated by the canyon's inaccessibility.

The canyon was carved by the waters of the Snake River, which flows more than 1 mile below the canyon's west rim on the Oregon side and 8,000 feet below the peaks of Idaho's Seven Devils Mountains range to the east. More later from Idaho.

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