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Ruth Dahlstrom, Kay Hopkins, Glenda Alexander and Marlene Fleshman

Marlene Fleshman and Shirley Massa

Toni O'Dowd and Millie Thorn

Barbara & Neil Smith and Barbara Holmes

Joe Domingue. Ruthie Dahlstrom and Kay Hopkins

Kay Hopkins, Glenda Alexander and Marlene Fleshman

Today after Silver Sneakers exercise class, some of my classmates treated me to lunch at Azul Tequila Mexican Restaurant. They are such a wonderful group of people and I will really miss them. They are an important reason that I enjoyed going to the classes. The camaraderie is as important as the exercises themselves.

After lunch I went to Precision Camera to get a new battery for my little Sony camera. I suffered major sticker shock due to the $50+ price tag; but, without a good battery, the camera would be inoperative. I wish it used regular batteries, as does my Fuji camera. The technician suggested that I continue to use the old battery until it completely dies but always to carry the new battery as a backup. I’ve decided to take his advice. Before I go on a photo shoot, I’ll make sure that the old battery is charged. I labeled the two batteries with the month and year of purchase so I wouldn’t get them confused!

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