Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Crap Breakfast £6.78 at D'Khao - cheese & beans on toast - bloody joke - when will I learn not to order 'Western' food in Asia! 2 slices of kraft flat packet ed cheese, burnt cold toast & a few beans. 'Fresh' juice was Tang!

SO... bought some granola, milk & 2 plastic bowls only RM1.30 24p each!

Zooming around (!) on the scooter went to Atma Alma Art Village... bought a Batik hanky for RM6


Discovered there are customs officers in the Duty-Free shops here!

200 Malaysian cigarettes RM12! !! That's £2.94 for 209!

Couple beers up Yellow Cafe then had 'surf & turf meal which was (unbeknown to us) included in our booking. Nice fish & steak meal on the beach with Mr & Mrs decorations!

Back on our balcony to finish off...bliss!

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