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We woke up at our motel in North Platte -- a place that apparently caters largely to train engineers. This was the first time I ever saw grown men wearing overalls, but when I told Danyal, he said I didn't get out enough. We ate breakfast in the hotel's diner, where we were waited on by the same woman who served us dinner late the night before. She was a fairly young woman, the mother of a 7-year-old who had moved from Seattle to Nebraska to care for her aging parents. She said she only made $4 an hour and said she pretty much lives on her tips.

We drove to Denver where we stopped to give the boys a break. They went to a movie while Dan shopped for supplies at Target and hunted for a wireless network for Dan's computer, to no avail. When the movie let out Cosmo assisted Cole as a shoe consultant at the Nike outlet store, and Cole ended up the proud owner of hipster shoes.

We left Denver around 5pm and pulled into Grand Junction, Colorado at 10:00pm. We rented two rooms at the Palomino Motel run by a friendly Polish woman and her husband. She explained that her mother-in-law owned the hotel and that she and her husband and moved from Chicago to run the business and raise their son. Upon her recommendation, we ate at a pretty delicious Mexican restaurant two doors down, where we tried unsuccessfully to explain the concept of corkage. The server shook her head, but ultimately let us open our own bottle of wine for free. Room rentals were cheap enough to make us feel good about splitting into two separate room for the first time in three nights. Ahh..space, the final frontier.

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