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Toodyay gaol

The Avon River

Paying our rent

John and Glen had invited us to go kayaking with them at Yandchep National Park. When this was called off because of high winds and forecast rough seas we turned to plan B. A whistlestop tour of the Avon Valley.

Our aim was to complete the tour by 2pm so that I could go shopping in the afternoon. With this in mind we were up at 6:30 am making a picnic and debating what to fill the thermos with. To every ones surprise we were on the road an hour later. Our first stop was St Marys Church in the Swan Valley, not pictured as Danny didn't think it looked old enough. It was built in around 1830.

Next we headed to Toodyay (pronounced Toojay), lots of convict built architecture which has survived the passage of time and progress. Glen and I one the battle for a coffee break and having trawled the length of the town for a suitable spot we settled on what is purportedly the longest running teashop in the area. We were tucking into big fat cakes whilst all the other punters were still on breakfast!

Apart from the pretty buildings, the main reason for visiting Toodyay is it's Old Gaol. The Gaol tells the story of bushman Moondyne Joe, a convict with a long history of escaping his captors in clever ways. He escaped from the first jailhouse within 12 hours of his arrest taking the magistrates horse with him.

After Toodyay we headed to Northam, another town that prospered during the gold rush. Each August the two-day Avon Valley White Water descent starts here. We had fun bouncing John and Glen around on the suspension bridge that overlooks the start line. Probably all that sugar we had consumed earlier making us hyperactive.

Next we headed to York where we managed to dodge the showers and have a picnic by the river before bouncing our way across another suspension bridge just for the hell of it. This was the very first inland town to be settled and has lots more 19th C pretty buildings.

By 1pm we were homeward bound. Made one last detour to check out the premises of the World Pizza Making Champion in Manduring. The unassuming takeaway joint didn't open until 4pm but we managed to snag a menu and salivated all the way to Perth and the delicious sounding pizzas, including lots of pizza cakes for desserts. Yum.

Back in Perth Danny and I went shoe shopping in preparation for re-entry into the world of work.

Day 113 complete

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